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PS3 rsod red screen of death fix via usb for 3.55>

Postby joshy » Thu May 23, 2013 3:42 pm

hi i used this fix earlier on in the week and the unit has been fine since and has been updated to the latest ofw. this fix can only be used on ps3 consoles with fw 3.55 or less. there are newer ways to do this but this version was the only one i was able to find and download and has worked fine for me.

the console i did this to still had the sony seal intact so this is a good way to get round opening a sealed console as supposedly this uses the consoles own ability to flash the drive and fix the key miss match error.

step 1 obtain the 355-NOTHROS-RSOD.PUP from

step 2 rename the pup file to UPDAT.PUP and put it on a empty usb in a folder called UPDATE within a folder called PS3 (make these folders yourself) the directory should look like this> externalusb/PS3/UPDATE/UPDAT.PUP

step 3 insert usb into console and install update via service menu (hold power putton on boot till you hear 2 beeps then release)

step 4 obtain the file rsodfix.gnpdrm.pkg from ... od-fix.rar this is the program that allows the ps3 to flash itself (apparently) (please note that after installing 355 nothros the console will boot BUT IT IS NOT FIXED AND WILL RSOD IF YOU PUT OFW BACK ON to potentially permanently fix this you have to follow all the steps

step 5 after downloading rsodfix.gnpdrm.pkg put the file on to a usb and install in xmb

step 6 run the file in the xmb (personally i ran the program 3 times as if i was actually flashing the drive to ensure all bad blocks are rewritten.) when you run the program if all goes well you will hear 1 beep and be returned to the xmb. if you hear 2 beeps then try again if it happens again then it failed and you might need to replace the disk drive befor running it again

step 7 reinstall any ofw you want

if the console rsod again then it is hardware fault most likly the diskdrive.

hope this helps some one

sources ... x-released /2 ... available/
thanks to wills for pointing me towards this fix

also if anyone knows of a way to downgrade fw in rsod to be able to run this fix please let me know
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Re: Guides

Postby tj3265 » Tue Apr 15, 2014 8:04 pm

i didnt see the button to start a new topic as suggested so i guess ill post here. i created a step by step guide with pictures on instructables about how to fix multiple issues with ds lights it includes everything from replacing fuses and slot 1 card reader to a entire case swap tear down and reassembly i just want to make sure its ok to link the site to the ds guide section.
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