Advertising Rules

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Advertising Rules

Postby Flashing360 » Sun Jun 17, 2012 3:35 am

These rules apply to you advertising your rework repair services.

1) Any and All work Advertised is the Sole Responsibility of the Person/Company Advertising.

2) BGAmods are NOT liable for Any Work/Damage/Loss/Advice to the Customer through our Forums/Mini-Chat/PM's.

3) Any Member wishing to Advertise or Use the Services Offered must (in conjunction with) Agree and Abide by the Site Rules (Please read Carefully).

4) Whilst Advertising your Re-Flow/Ball/Chip Services please keep Adverts within the confines of the Advertising and Site Rules.

4) Forum staff can remove any advert if they feel the user should not be advertising a repair service.

5) If you are in any doubt with regards the above Rules please contact Admin/Mods for further verification/information.

6) The decision of the forum staff is final.

Advertising Rules



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