PS3 Slim (not Super Slim) Wifi/BT repair

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PS3 Slim (not Super Slim) Wifi/BT repair

Postby rbudrick » Fri May 25, 2018 5:40 pm

Hi Folks,

Glad to be here. First post. Appreciate your help ahead of time

So I have a PS3 slim and the Wifi and BT no longer work. The machine works, but only via wired controllers. A common issue, I'm sure many of you have seen. All research says to always replace the wifi/bt voltage regulator when reballing/replacing the wifi/bt board. On the slim, as opposed to super slim, the regulator is on the reverse. However, all videos (which are oddly entirely Brazilian and, course, in Portugese) only seem to show the regulator being replaced only on Super Slims. I can't find anywhere that says I should definitely replace the regulator on a regular slim when replacing the wifi/BT board. So, I'm hoping you can answer:

1. Is that an issue with the slims where the regulator on these also often has to be replaced?
2. Does slim and super slim use the same regulator? I see varying accounts where some say I need the 3.3v one, and others, 5v. Or, maybe Google Translate and my Portuguese is horrible.
3. If I test the regulator to just see if it is good, does the machine need to actually be on, or just plugged into power?
4. What voltages should I see when testing it?
5. I see a lot of Brazilian sites sell the AMS1117 regulator: ... slim/37235
But like I said, I get varying accounts on whether it is the right one for slims vs Super slims (I realize the site I linked says both in Portuguese, but I have my doubts because of some confusion I've translated badly on this).
6. Some sites show folks soldering 3 wire leads from the regulator to the board instead of directly placing the new regulator on the board. Is this because AMS111 isn't the exact same size as the original, or is there another reason?

Thanks again, everyone!
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PS3 Slim (not Super Slim) Wifi/BT repair



Re: PS3 Slim (not Super Slim) Wifi/BT repair

Postby BwE » Fri Jul 13, 2018 2:05 am

id need to SEE whats going on

i havent done this before, but im sure its not too hard
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