Building DIY machine, need advices..

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Building DIY machine, need advices..

Postby EC911 » Tue Feb 10, 2015 11:38 pm


Viewing projects of other on this forum made me want to start experimenting on my own machine! I'd like to start building a preheater and top heater with halogen lamps. I already have a T8280 (120V version) but I'd like to have something with more watts. I'd like to build something simple but effective.

I live in Canada and came across those bulbs at a local store

Ushio 500w Quartz IR heat lamp working on 120V, I was thinking mabye 4-5 bulbs in parallel for a total of 2000-2500w?

As for top heater, I'd also like to use an halogen lamp but I don't see those kind of top heater very often and I was wondering why. I already tried desoldering some BGA and SMD components on scrap boards with my T8280 and a 250W halogen work lamp like this one :

It did work pretty well and was thinking wiring a controller to it, the only downside is that it's pretty big but would it be a possible option for a top heater?
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Building DIY machine, need advices..



Re: Building DIY machine, need advices..

Postby Deus » Thu Feb 12, 2015 11:52 pm

Not all "IR" sources are really suited to use.
What is the max temp the lamp works at?
Does it need cooling?
What is the wavelenght of the IR?
IR is about radiation/absorbption.
Wavelenght influences this very much.

A halogen lamp can be used because the heat It generates, working more using convection.

If you have a heat source getting the solder up to 225, sure you can solder with it.
But it might not be the best solution.
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