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Re: Puhui T8280 - C100 Controller Mod

Postby DrunkenNinja » Thu Mar 13, 2014 11:34 am

Code is spot on about using anything other than a Puhui K-type TC with thier controller, it goes barmy if you attach a standard one, there is a stand off regulator that can be adjusted but even then it's no-where near where it should be... Puhui insist it is a k-type TC but I along with others such as code I can confirm it won't work... Karl Could likely get you an original Puhui TCif you decide to keep the existing controller...

The C100 is (x100) the controller of the T-8280 and its functions perfectly to your environment and rail/stand off level if you understand how to adjust the PID output. I think I made a post somewhere on the forum about understanding PID, I think I explained it in a very basic form that I hadn't seen anywhere else, (have a search on the forum) a lot of what you read on PID is either very confusing or just plain incorrect, if you read words such as acceleration and brake it's likely using an inaccurate terminology unless the PID was in a Car...

Like Code said, any more questions, please put them in a new thread unless it's specific about this particular guide.
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Re: Puhui T8280 - C100 Controller Mod



Re: Puhui T8280 - C100 Controller Mod

Postby senoBGA » Sun Aug 17, 2014 9:17 pm

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Re: Puhui T8280 - C100 Controller Mod

Postby code0102stinks » Sun Aug 17, 2014 11:17 pm


Is this one right for the mod?[/quote]

That will work just fine. Any pid controller you have lying around with logic output will work. That C100
will already have been modded with jumpers probably to attain logic output because they are packaging
it with a DC-AC type SSR. You only need a controller though cuz the OEM SSR in the T-8280 is a DC-AC
type SSR anyway. I just installed a Sestos PID controller I already had in my T-8280 and kept the SSR
in there it came with.
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