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Applies to all users whether registered or viewing as a guest. All posts must be in the written english language to ensure the Site Admin and Moderator staff can review the content for any forum violations.

Forum Posting Rules

Postby Flashing360 » Sun Jun 17, 2012 4:56 pm

1. No spamming: Any spamming will result in an immediate lifetime ban.

2. Flaming or abusing other users: This will not be tolerated, all users involved will be immediately banned.

3. Piracy: Any discussion of piracy will result in posts being deleted and the user receiving a warning.

4. No illegal links: illegal links will be immediately deleted by a moderator and the user posting them will receive a warning. This includes firmware links.

5. Posting: Please post in the correct section as doing otherwise makes the forum hard to use and moderate and also makes the posts of no use to other users.

6. When posting information Picture/Text please give credit to author if is not your own work. This is how the scene works and expands.

7. All posts must be in the English language so Forum Admin and Moderators can read the posts for any forum violations.

8. All forum staff moderate on a voluntary basis and in their spare time so we request that all users respect them for doing so. Any user abusing this rule will receive an immediate IP ban.

9. Please Note:- We are primarily a BGA forum with our Main focus on Re-flow Machines, their uses and Consumables.
At times this can encompass replacing DVD drives and Recovering of Drive ID's and Keys.
For this reason there is a section for Key Recovery and Flashing of Manufacturers Original FirmWare.
These sections are Locked, all the information required to carry out these tasks are contained within these posts.
If you require further assistance on these subjects please visit Team Xecuter support forum.

There will be NO talk allowed in the Forums, Mini-Chat or PM's in relation to:-

1) JTag'ing
2) RGH'ing
3) Modified NANDs
4) Illegal Firmware
5) Illegal Software
6) Links to any of the above are Strictly Prohibited (this includes, but is not restricted to:- Pics, Sites, Sellers & Re-Sellers)
7) DVD Drive Key Recovery (Locked Thread within the Comments Allowed)
8) Flashing of Manufacturers Original FirmWare (Locked Thread within the Comments Allowed)

If you are contacted by another Member (in relation to any of the above) please inform Admin/Moderators immediately in the usual manner.

Do not offer support for any of the above. You will be issued a warning along with the member asking for help.

If you are in any doubt regarding any post then please Report it.....Your identity will will not be disclosed.

10. BGA Mods have the right to move/edit/delete any post they see as in breach of forum rules.

11. DO NOT request support questions in the Mini-Chat, if you do so you well get a warning.

12. DO NOT ask/offer support via PM's as this only benefits the individual concerned.

13. Report any/all PM'd requests by using the 'REPORT' button within the Mini-Chat/PM.

14. If you have a Complaint/Issue about a Post/PM/Member/Moderator/Administrator please use the PM system and NOT the Forums/Mini-Chat. Always include a copy of any/all relevant information along with links where necessary. We promise to look at any issues thoroughly and to the best of our abilities. You will be informed of the Decision/Outcome once all information has been reviewed. This is unfortunate but sometimes it is necessary, please show respect at all times.

15. Thread Hijacking: If you require support please create your own topic in the appropriate section of the forum. Please DO NOT ask for support in other users topics, even if the topic is about the same issue. By creating your own topic it helps the forum staff and users to give you dedicated support. If users continually breach this rule then a warning may be issued by forum staff.

16. Third party links: we do not allow links to other suppliers unless writen authorisation is given. Please take into account the forum is owned and maintained by BGA Mods any links other than those allowed will incur a warning.

Forum staff have the final say, if they deem a user to have breached any of the above posting rules then their decision is final.

Warning System

3 Warnings will result in a 24hr ban
3 further warnings will result in a lifetime ban

forum staff do not want to issue warnings and we have tried to make the rules as simple to understand as possible.
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Forum Posting Rules



Re: Forum Posting Rules

Postby Flashing360 » Sat Aug 11, 2012 5:51 pm

can all mods thank this post to confirm they have read the updated rules :)

Re: Forum Posting Rules

Postby sp4rkst4rt3r » Sat Aug 11, 2012 5:56 pm

I wrote the majority of them with help and agreement from other Mods/Admin 8-)

New Punishment changes are clear now....hope no-one struggles understanding the rest....lols
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Re: Forum Posting Rules

Postby Flashing360 » Thu Nov 06, 2014 10:14 am

Guys since i'm no longer reselling i'm willing to allow open discussions on rework brands and products however NO external links to products, i wont allow links to products from ANY reseller unless there's a prior agreement with me.

Re: Forum Posting Rules

Postby Flashing360 » Sun Nov 16, 2014 2:48 pm

No discussion of LiYang rework stations, no support at all for their products. Warnings will be issued and topics removed.

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