Hello everyone new here and need advise

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Hello everyone new here and need advise

Postby morgiee » Tue Nov 22, 2016 11:21 pm

Hi everyone I've heard nothing but positive feedback about this forum and the members that are on it. Hope you can help me with my idea.

I'm fairly new to the BGA reflow/reball scene as I use to occasionally reflow xbox 360 consoles to give them a slightly longer lifespan even though a reball would be a better outcome to fixing the issue I didn't have the knowledge to do this procedure.

Currently I own a Aoyue 852A+ Reflow workstation and have seen people (with the correct profiles and doing some research on this forum) successfully lift and re mount cpu and gpu chips for boards. This is something id really like to get into. My intention whiles learning was to learn with some test boards and see if its possible to repair a few of my own dummy motherboards and to build my own profiles based on the equipment I'm using.

I own some essentials including the following:

BGA stencil base.
0.06mm solder balls for xbox cpu/gpu
Thermometer K type 1x topside 1 x bottom side
xbox and ps3 stencils

Only thing I missing is a pre heat table/unit

Without going expensive what is the best pre heat units? If I can manage to successfully reball I will invest in proper equipment, just want to use what I'm using now to learn with.

Thanks again for any advise given.
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Hello everyone new here and need advise



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