Scotle-IR360 tripping circuit breaker

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Re: Scotle-IR360 tripping circuit breaker

Postby joshy » Mon Mar 20, 2017 5:15 pm

yes some posts were lost as the sql database got messed up after the server change it was not configured correctly, so any posts made on the new server after the change have been lost, its all sorted now however i was unable to backup the posts, sorry about that.

do you have a ground fault interrupt? unsure how it is where you live but in the uk most breakers are GFCI. measure the resistance between live and ground and neutral and ground on your station, there should be nothing there if you measure a resistance something is shorting to ground.
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Re: Scotle-IR360 tripping circuit breaker



Re: Scotle-IR360 tripping circuit breaker

Postby code0102stinks » Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:02 pm

finne65101- Is your top IR heater plate 450W 80 x 80mm plate? I see them on Ebay. I know your OEM was Chinese, but IDK if the Ebay are same as yours
or worse. Ceramicx company is right there in Ireland. Elstein is an option. Talk to Deusjevoo. He is sharp when it comes to choosing IR plate. If you are
fine with the plate you had, Ebay might be the best for you. No modding or choosing form different types of elements from a catalog.

Did you verify the element itself was bad and not a shorted wire in the top heater housing? 450W element at 230vac should read around 117 ohms with
your ohms meter. If your top heater is a different wattage, then use an ohms law calculator to find the resistance value. Like this one.
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