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Re: return to my achi 6500

Postby jad67tony » Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:57 pm

Personally I have not modder my Achi ... sorry ...
And nowadays for $ 900 delivered you have an Achi IR 12000 much more satisfactory.
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Re: return to my achi 6500



Re: return to my achi 6500

Postby code0102stinks » Sun Oct 01, 2017 3:02 pm

loady wrote:Thanks guys. Hmmmmm, is the mod expensive to do ?...which plates would I be looking to buy and is there a guide to show how to do it ?

Been looking for a guide someone posted, but cannot find a guide. I was speaking of plates like this one. Use three of these to get 1800W. ... SwurZZJVLM

I would suggest getting a ceramic junction block like this. Install eyelets on your wires and connect your elements and SSR/Neutral wiring to it. ... Swm-pZupiT

I don't know if the elements on ebay would come with the clips to hold them in place or not. Have to ask seller. Your machine just has the one element, so
you will need a couple more to hold three elements to your element tray. You will need to make sure your tray will hold the three elements and have to
have tools and talent to fabricate holes in the tray to hold the new elements. Also have to enlarge opening of top cover and relocate your TC that touches
the bottom plate. Most likely need a bigger SSR for bottom heat.

Here is a vid of someone taking a Scotle IR6000 apart. The Scottle already is setup with three 600W elements in a machine that is similar to yours.
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