Walker Electronics Q105 Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Walker Electronics Q105 Ultrasonic Cleaner

Postby VaNDAL_UK » Wed Feb 07, 2018 12:52 pm

Walker Electronics Q105 Ultrasonic Cleaner, http://www.walkerelectronics.co.uk/product_view_cleaners.php?cleaner_id=53

I have used this for 3 years cleaning PCB and electrical items and has worked flawlessly. Selling as I need a bigger unit. RRP from £800 to £1000.

HTM 01-05 compliant ultrasonic cleaner

Weight: 3.1kg (excluding accessories)
Typical Generator Peak Output: 240 watts
Typical Power Consumption: 120 watts
Operating Frequency: 50 kHz +/- 2kHz
Timer Range: 0 - 15 minutes (digital)
USB connection.
2.0 to 2.75 Litres capacity.
65 degrees heating.

Stainless steel construction
No/Low fluid sensing
Adjustable maximum temperature setting to prevent coagulation of proteins
Interlocking lid
Automatic degas cycle after cleaning fluid has been changed
PIC chip technology - can be reprogrammed if required
Waterproof USB socket for transfer of information to PC


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Walker Electronics Q105 Ultrasonic Cleaner



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